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Footy tipping is not so much an Aussie past time as it is an institution and signifies that time of the year when its socially acceptable to go to work wearing nothing but a tutu and that Merv Hughes Moustache you've been working on for the better part of 2 years. It is that time of year when office rivalries come to the fore and shit starts to get serious… and Dave from accounts is one stupid look away from getting a stapler thrown at his face - I swear to bloody God!


Footy Tipping - Bringing Both Leagues Together Momentarily

Both the NRL (Rugby League) and the AFL (Australian Football League) are incredibly popular sports - so popular that they are the most widely watched and bet on sports in the world. Of course the fact that Australians love to gamble more than any other nation makes this fact a little less impressive - it still speaks volumes for why there is such an onus placed on the Footy Tipping Competitions that accompany the applicable code each and every season. Whether you're a serious punter who makes a living from following the sport and looking for variables etc or you are just like the majority of us, interested only in having a bit of a laugh, with expectations no higher than at least beating our co-workers, because Bragging Rights (yo)

+ Some of the more popular Footy Tipping Competitions held each year include (but are not limited to) -

  • ESPN Footy Tips - found at (For both NRL and AFL)
  • Triple M Footy Tipping Competition - Focusing on NRL
  • WWOS Footy Tipping - Benefit from the combined experience of the entire Wide World of Sports Team and back your team in either code
  • iTipFooty( is another popular Free Footy Tipping Competition that provides public access to a shared AFL and NRL Tipping pool which includes prizes and cash bonuses.
  • And of course the penultimate Footy Tipping Competition, the Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Comp.
  • AFL's Official Footy Tipping comp can be found at
  • NRL's Official Footy Tipping comp can be found at

Below you will find links to our AFL and NRL Footy Tipping Pages - both of which contain an updated list of the best Free Footy Tipping Competitions you can join in 2017 - the Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping comp amongst them obviously.

Best Free AFL Footy Tipping Competitions Online
Best Free NRL Footy Tipping Competitions Online

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